Salamander Sky

TITLE: Salamander Sky

AUTHOR: Katy Farber


FORMAT: Hardcover



ISBN: 9781954277137

Every spring in the eastern region of the United States, warmer nights with steady rain bring the migration of thousands of spotted salamanders to ponds and pools, often across busy roads. These crossings are magical, and secretive–most people don’t even know they happen. Salamander Sky features a mother and daughter who go out on a rainy night to help the salamanders cross the road safely. This dramatic, full-color, picture book introduces readers to the elusive spotted salamanders and the perilous nighttime journey they take each spring. Amphibians worldwide desperately need protection. This book is a valuable tool for getting children engaged in conservation.



  • targets many of the Next Generation Science Standards for elementary school students, including life cycles, wetland habitats, diversity, adaptations and human impact
  • communicates a strong conservation message geared toward preschool through elementary school aged students
  • models firsthand exploration and investigation in nature
  • addresses human impact on the environment and encourages active participation in solutions
  • provides a resource for science teachers, environmental educators and parents to introduce inquiry to students
  • inspires engagement and curiosity
  • focuses on a vulnerable and often unnoticed species of amphibians that inhabits much of the Eastern United States
  • embraces diversity and promotes women in science


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  • Green Earth Honor Book Award, The Nature Generation
  • Nautilus Award
  • Riverby Award, John Burroughs Association


“A lovely vehicle for sharing nature with children.” – Kirkus Reviews

“The secret life of the spotted salamander unfolds as April anticipates her special role in their yearly migration from underground habitats beneath the forest floor to nearby ponds and wetlands. Hushed and reverent with flashlights and raincoats, mother and daughter venture out at night to carefully help the slowly creeping travelers safely across the roadway. Share in their joy, found through the care and conservation of the shrinking salamander populations of eastern North America.” – Foreword Reviews

“Told in a soft spoken, poetic voice akin to that of Janel Yolen’s Owl Moon, Salamander Sky brings wonder and anticipation in droves. Farber’s text has all the great lean-in qualitites of a storied secret passed among friends in the lunch room, and Sodano’s illustrations lead readers by mere flashlight and anticipation to a place of fascination. Salamander Sky has within its pages the power to ignite curiosity in the unexplored backyard while at the same time respecting and not disrupting nature’s hand in the survival of species. And what could be better than that?”

(Matthew C. Winner, All the Wonders)